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This compact and very convenient armchair is ideal for small rooms and will decorate any interior. It feels and looks сozy, voluminous and soft. It seems that you could be drowned in the fluffy clouds. This is an excellent armchair that will show you what a real relaxation is. Its basic materials are plywood, fibreboard, particleboard, non-woven polypropylene, grain leather. It is equipped with the built-in footstool that is easy to fold in or out. You only need to pull the handle to fold it out and press with your feet to fold it back in.

Key features:

  • Premium quality
  • Sophisticated design
  • Affordable price
  • 10-year guarantee


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Width: 103 cm

Depth: 90 cm

Seat width: 46 cm

Seat depth: 54 cm

Seat height: 48 cm

Height: 100 cm


Leather: Through dyed grain leather from cattle, with a treated, embossed and pigmented surface
Coated fabric: 75% polyester, 25% cotton, 100% polyurethane
Back and seat frame: Plywood, Fibreboard, Particleboard, Non-woven polypropylene, Non-woven polypropylene, Cardboard, Fibreboard, Highly resilient polyurethane foam (cold foam) 25 kg/cu.m., Polyurethane foam 25 kg/cu.m., Polyurethane foam 25 kg/cu.m., Highly resilient polyurethane foam (cold foam) 35 kg/cu.m., Polyester wadding, Polyester wadding, Non-woven polypropylene
Armrest frame: Non-woven polypropylene, Polyester wadding, Polyester wadding, Polyurethane foam 23 kg/cu.m.
Leg/ Plastic parts: Polypropylene plastic
Zig-zag spring/ Recliner mechanism/ Metal parts: Steel
Coated fabric: 100% polyurethane, 75% polyester, 25% cotton
Leather: Grain leather from cattle
Hook and loop fastener: Polyamide plastic
Elastic webbing: 40% rubber, 60% polypropylene



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